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Invoking Animal Magic: A guide for the Pagan priestess explores the power and wisdom of animal allies. More than a compilation of interesting facts—stories, folklore and animal behavior are integrated in a modern Pagan perspective. Illustrations based on cave paintings and artifacts add a visual component to the text. Thought provoking questions and fun activities help ground the material in personal experience. In this book you will find an in-depth study of nine animals with an important place in Euro-paganism—their myths and legends, historical context and magical themes. You will also find general topics that are relevant to animal magic. Rituals and spells are included in each section, along with material to stimulate reflection. What you will not find is a hodge-podge of information or a list of unexplained “meanings” of various animals. This is an engaging text that can actually be read rather than placed on a shelf for occasional reference.

Here’s what others have said about Invoking Animal Magic:

Ranging from the historic to the esoteric, this book is a witty, comprehensive resource for all those interested in Animal Magic.—Lisa Thiel

Invoking Animal Magic is a rich compilation of myth, story, legend and folklore that will be an invaluable resource for Pagans and magical practitioners. An impressive work!–Starhawk

More information, including an excerpt and links to purchase, can be found at invokinganimalmagic.com

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