Women, We Need Vision — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulations, Hearth, on another deeply thoughtful and adroit perspective on current socio-political issues related to women and causes related to women’s sovereignty and wellbeing. Women’s rights relate to the wellbeing of All (families, communities, environments, future generations and men) as research and observation clearly show. However self-evident this is it need not be necessary to the validity of women’s rights in principle. The rebellion, as you say, is yet years away.

  2. Among many other wise statements I admire here, I’ll pick out this one to comment on: “Our problem is not violence; it is male violence directed at women. Our problem is not gender; it is the use of gender by males to define, redefine, and undefine women. Our problem is not sexual harassment; it is the sexual harassment by males toward females (and children). Our problem is not religion; it is male religions dictating to women what we can and cannot do. Our problem is men, and until a critical mass of women can name the agent of our oppression, I do not see the women’s movement progressing, no matter how many show up for a non-directed protest.”

    A problem is that many women love men, or simply hold love-of-people as a great value, and cannot reconcile holding all men accountable for the actions of what they see as “some” men. This is something we need to help them puzzle out – and how do we do that?

    In the sea of negative things I see, I do see that there are men who publicly say “the problem is men,” and these men belong in that critical mass of people who must name the actions of men, the attitudes of men, as the problem. It is one of our ironies that women – young and old – may be more likely to credit these men as carriers of truth. I’ll take movement towards understanding even when it is first generated, for some women, by the words of men.