How to Create a Patriarchal Pagan Group in 12 Steps — 4 Comments

  1. This is a great article I thank you for being able to clarify many of my feelings of misogyny within Pagan communities. I think that it is important to capitalize Pagan especially when capitalizing Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc.  

  2. Hearth, thank you for a thoughtful blog post.  Certainly relevant and timely.  It was a shock for me when I learned through hard experience that many Pagan groups are patriarchal!  And I also feel that we should recognize and acknowledge that men really have to work at the connection with chi that we, as women, are given.  Reaching out in love with patience is important.  And I ponder daily what about the men?  How to help them feel included and loved and valued, while at the same time making space for women to have their own sacred time together, and their own authority.  I think the Seneca were onto something, where they had the Council, generally led by the female matriarch of the tribe, and the Chief, generally the strongest hunter/warrior.  They collaborated on all matters relating to the tribe.  The Grandmother had the final say in a disagreement, and such was the respect for her wisdom, that all abided by that decision.