Sheep Knuckles and Cylinder Seals — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, interesting! I’ve heard of carved bone before, but this is a new application to me. It’s a very unique way to mark a seal too. If one were handy in the field of carving, I wonder what this could by applied to in witchcraft?

    – Jill @

  2. I don’t know if these are in the public domain, but a good source for pics of cylinder seals is Though not specifically stated on this website, we now know that the seals with Trees flanked by horned animals usually represent the Goddess Asherah or Astarte (the Tree specifically represents the Goddess). See Ruth Hestrin, “The Lachish Ewer and the Asherah,” in Israel Exploration Journal 37, 1987, and William G. Dever’s book, Did God Have a Wife? (Eerdmans 2005)