The Witch’s Broom, part II — 4 Comments

  1. “The brush part of the broom is traditionally made with birch twigs. Birch is a tree of purification, also associated with death and ancestors.” Interesting to know. The Birch Tree is the sacred tree that is associated with the ancient primogenitor goddess/mudang (shaman) of Korea… 

    • I am intrigued, but not surprised, to know this.  Across European folk cultures the birch is always a very important tree, so I would guess that it’s important in many places around the world.  I love the birch; it’s one of my favorite trees.

  2. Thanks for the good ‘dirt’ on brooms, Hearth. Much beloved tool. 
    Birch=fertility, strength and ‘fire in the heart’.
    Ash=power, magnitude and guardian of children.