Unlearning High School Mythology — 2 Comments

  1. My daughter recently defended Medusa during a mythology lesson at her middle school. Her argument was that Medusa was probably a female warrior of the first class with dread locs that scared the crap out of the Greeks. Medusa’s defense of her home lands freaked the Greeks out so badly that they were paralyzed with fear turning them to stone on the spot. At least that was their defense for not bringing back more slave women.

    When I asked my daughter what her teacher thought of her version of the Medusa myth she said that she got an ‘A’ along with a note that said “Blessed are the myth makers.”

    I love that my daughter looks beyond the lines of whitewash and pokes at the truth that keeps moving forward even today through our myths.

    Thank you for the post I will make sure to ask my daughter to read it. ~ Flora